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This is a complete practice for all of your dental needs. We're here to help you get and keep the great-looking, healthy, clean, and brilliant smile you deserve.

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Comprehensive and thorough dental care for your whole family.

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A Complete Dental Practice

At Denali Family Dental Care, we can provide all of your general dentistry needs, plus high-quality orthodontics and dental implants. We can take care of almost all of the standard dental procedures that will keep your smile straight and bright, and for the few procedures where you'd need a specialist, we have some excellent contacts and are happy to make you a referral.

A very important aspect of your dental care is coming in for your regular cleaning and maintenance. The old expression goes, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." In this case, we could say, "A cleaning every six month keeps the cavities away." If you haven't had a cleaning and general maintenance in the last six months, we'd strongly recommend you give our warm and compassionate staff a call at (877) 643 9447 to book an appointment now.

We can quickly and with minimal pain perform all the standard dentistry practices: cleanings, fillings, dental hygiene, crowns, bridges, extractions, evaluations, X-Rays, and so on.

We're also specialists in dental implants and orthodontics. You can separately view our dental implants page, and view our orthodontics page for information on those two specialties.

We take care of patients from Age 3 to Age 99. The Denali Family Dental Center has been serving Anchorage for over 30 years, and we look forward to serving Anchorage for another 30 years. Our goal is to be a complete, modern, and caring practice where all your family members can come, and can continue to grow and experience great care.

Our core value is family.

We believe in taking care of your family, and treating you like family. We believe in good citizenship and being good stewards of the Anchorage community. We enjoy creating a playful and welcoming environment for the kids who come in, so they fall in love with dentistry. We enjoy serving adults and parents as they build their careers and family. And we enjoy giving our senior citizens the respect and dignity they deserve.

For your general dentistry needs, give us a call at (877) 643 9447. If you haven't had a cleaning in the last six months, then give us a call right away so we can help ensure your dental health is fantastic, and you have a bright and healthy smile for a lifetime.


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Dr. David L Maisey Complete Care for Your Whole Family

We take pride in our long history of serving the Anchorage area. We are committed to providing our patients based on honesty, integrity and high ethical standards. We always give the safe, effective, and excellence care. Our attention to details is what makes us number one with our patients. We strive for perfection with knowledge and latest technology. We want our patients to look healthy and happy.

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